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April 27th – 28th April 201 Africa Constituencies Meeting

Statement by Africa Constituencies

The Eastern and Southern Africa, and West and Central Africa constituencies held their preboard meeting at the Lazizi Premiere hotel in Nairobi, Kenya between 27th-28th April, 2017. The Constituencies reviewed and discussed the documents that have been produced for discussion and decision at the 37th Board meeting. The Constituencies took serious note of quality of service issues which are critical to ending the three epidemics. It was proposed that Global Fund consider further investments in the following; (i) community-led initiatives to ensure improved adherence to treatment and reduction of loss to follow-up through improved patient tracking and active community-to-facility referral systems, (ii) Improved linkages between CCMs and the National ART Committee, TB Quality Assurance Systems and the Central Public Health Laboratory Quality Assurance programs as an essential part to ensure compliance with guidelines. these should be integrated in PR KPIs. In addition, include these in Prospective Country Evaluations(PCEs) for timely identification and remedial action. The constituencies also noted with serious concern the weaknesses that have been identified in Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) as a sub-set of Procurment Supply Chain Management and its impact on service quality as well service coverage. The absence of a comprehensive system to improving SCMS across the Global Fund portfolio and other supported commodities is identified as a major challenge. The constituencies wish to bring to the attention of the Board the following issues that affect performance.