Required services: To Develop and Implement an ACB Intranet Language: English (French will be an added advantage) Application deadline: March 26, 2021 at 5pm Addis Ababa time Location: The service provider will work remotely in the respective country of residence


Established by a resolution of African Health Ministers in 2012, the African Constituencies Bureau for the Global Fund (ACB) was set up to be a platform to facilitate engagement, participation and consensus building among the East and Southern Africa (ESA) and West and Central Africa (WCA) constituencies in Global Fund policies and governance engagements. Also known as “The Bureau”, the organization is an operational hub and policy think tank of the WCA and ESA and began its formal operations in March 2017. The purpose of the Bureau is to ensure effective engagement, representation and participation of Africa constituencies in Global Fund processes as well as enhancing the capacity of the Africa constituencies to shape Global Fund policies and processes.

The ACB is seeking for a service provider to develop and implement a fully integrated information management system


The general objective of this call is to procure the services of a provider that will develop an ACB intranet as per the scope of work below.


The selected service provider will report to the Communication Specialist in liaison with the Strategic Information Advisor.




The selected service provider shall:

• Have relevant experience of a minimum of 5 years;

• Have in its current office all the necessary equipment and facilities with experienced and professionally trained to handle the requirements of the above-mentioned application in English (French will be an added advantage);

• Have an excellent track record in serving firms and organizations of a similar size and nature. A list of corporate clients or organizations should be provided;

• Ensure competency of existing and proposed personnel – this shall require submission of résumés for all personnel who will be assigned to the project. Individuals are also encouraged to apply; and

• Drive the project from concept to deployment stage, and undertake activities such as, but not limited to, scope of work, design of information architecture, integration of information systems, deployment, testing, security audit, staff training and maintenance.


Plan, design, build, and implement a fully integrated information management system. In addition, the service provider to develop practical guides and user manuals which the ACB staff will be trained how to operate, maintain and support the system.

Develop an interactive and user-friendly intranet which allows ACB’s many departments to automate processes, enhance internal communication and easily share inter-departmental information.



Our primary tool to provide information to our members and the public at large is our website, We have found that our website does not completely meet our vision and would like to upgrade it into a modern information portal that will allow us as an organization to share information and resources in a more intuitive manner.


1. Countries from African Constituencies have a challenge in communicating with each other and could use cost effective VoIP tools

2. Paper documents are used regularly and these are not digitized

3. Personal computers, SharePoint and Google Drive are used to store important organizational and personal work documents.



• Content is to focus on Human Resources, Finance, Research, Policy, Planning, Advocacy, Databases, Information, and Communication Documents Library and should also include some of ACB’s wider common use elements.

• Intranet access is to be provided for all ACB staff and country focal point with appropriate access level controls based on users.

• This solution architecture and design should allow for all departments content and functions to be added on with relative ease (minimum effort).

The contract is to provide an Integrated Information Management System that will achieve the following goals:

• Enable quick and easy access to critical relevant information resulting in better decisions and more rigorous execution;

• Enable improved internal communication and cultivates the new corporate culture of sharing and teamwork through inter-departmental communication that is integrated with ACB’s proposed electronic records and document management system;

• Provide quality content that is compelling and valued for how it can assist staff to efficiently and effectively do their job;

• Achieve improved process efficiencies.

Policy and Procedures

Provide employees and countries members with quick access to current policies and procedures e.g.

• Human resource policies and procedures

• Operations policies and procedural manuals

• Procurement and financial management procedures

• Libraries and documentation procedural information

• Health and Safety

• Best Practices

Self-Service HR features


• Policies, procedures, timesheets, holiday request forms, and other relevant forms;

• Quick access to current Human Resources forms with immediate access to corresponding

UNDP, Regional Service Center for Africa, DRC Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

OFFICE: +251-115571649|FAX: +251-115571641|


procedural and policy information

ACB forms and templates that

• Include the development of standards for ACB-wide, and department/regional-wide Newsletters and publications

• Include the graphic charter ;

• Provide immediate access to company templates including letterheads, reports etc.

• Provide immediate access to ACB’s newsletters,

• Purchase requisition

• Payment request

• Calendar of personal leave

• Leave request and other relevant templates

Corporate Contacts such as

• Dictionary, phone books, post.

• CCM Repertory

Business Links including

• Sundry office supplies, caterers, preferred vendor lists, links to partners’ websites, such as The Global Fund, Aidspan, L’Initiative, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO), etc.

Department/Division content

• Administration and Human Resources

• Policy

• Communication

• Advocacy

Announcements / What’s New

• New employees, retirements, etc.

• Contents formatted by a template

Reference Documents

• Board minutes and associated documentation


• ACB ACM presentations and reports

• ACB CBLN presentations and reports

• Global Fund Board Constituency Statement, preparation and strategizing documents

• Governance framework and any other statutory documents

New employee

• Orientation information

• Relevant guides


Highly effective search tool that

• Is based on industry best practices for search

• Enables quick and easy access to relevant information

• Considers the importance of the search tool’s ability to search within actual documents (such as Word and PDF)

• Considers the importance of hits, highlighted within search results and documents

Events Calendar

• For scheduled events impacting ACB staff

• Consider integrating with Outlook/Exchange

• Activities from CCM

Collaboration Zone/ Discussion Forums

• Wiki like

• Increase the opportunity for employees/ Countries to collaborate and communicate with each other

Consider “Bright Ideas” Forum

• To promote positive focused discussions.

• Facilitate knowledge exchange and cross office collaboration

Reference (Media) Library Resources

• Formatted by a template


• This area shows users details about which equipment is lent out and by who, the due date and any overdue items that are pending.

Multilingual Interface

• Intranet must Support English and French

Architecture / Design Elements

• Architectural Specifications:

• Hosted on SharePoint Microsoft 365 of ACB on the cloud

Content Approval process

• Enable role definition and assignment

• Appropriate level of workflow

• High level of ease of use is achieved for authorizing, approval and publishing process ensuring content is conveniently maintained and current

• E-Forms Builder

• Form design/layout with edit control

• Consider importance of form contents to be stored in a database

Defined look and feel design guidelines

• Easy to navigate, simple interface, user friendly and logical

• Unified design

• To ensure quality and usability

Style Guide / Graphics Gallery

• Use of key templates and resource image gallery

• Create key content management templates.

User authentication using

• Automatic login to the site based on domain login;

• Ability to log off the site and log in to the site again as a different user in the domain.

• Active Directory integration


Expiration dates for published content

• Analytics

• Produce industry best practice usage metrics

Remote access

• Designed to provide home access, travel access, public area kiosk access

• Consider providing some access capabilities for key information via mobile devices

Content Management

• Access levels controlled in Active Directory based on user or groups.

Page feedback

• Ability to display page author and have a way for a user to send a suggestion about the page to the author.

Easy to set permissions for groups of staff

• Compared to one-by-one permission changing process


• Printing capabilities maintains format for professional looking output.


1. Create a functional design document, including organizational and departmental storyboards that specifies the key content and features to be delivered; Identify the critical graphical user interface (GUI) design concepts and incorporate the storyboard for the different departments. The design should include the appropriate elements so that the Intranet can easily be extended from the initial three departments to include all departments and regional offices;

2. Create technical design documents, outlining the key Intranet configurations and design. Within the architectural diagrams and descriptions include the critical design element of having all records stored in SharePoint Microsoft 365 of ACB;

3. Plan, design, build and implement the integrated system, including the testing and production of SharePoint Microsoft 365 of ACB;


4. Create the plan to migrate the information currently located in Public Folders to the Intranet where appropriate;

5. Develop and implement an ACB Intranet governance guide – e.g. related to the roles and responsibilities of managing the intranet, how to keep content current and who has rights to publish and approve;

6. Create and implement training, including the development of training manuals related to use, publishing, the governance model, and administration of Intranet sites;

7. Design and implement highly effective search functionality facilitated within the SharePoint Secure environment

8. Complete handover of installation to ACB

9. Transfer of all user rights to ACB; and

10. Provide training to ACB employees


The Service Provider will also be expected to provide a warranty of 3 months (including bug fixes, updates, or change requests) followed by 9 months of maintenance & support services, after live deployment of the intranet. The specific elements of the maintenance are expected to be as follows:

Remote Support: Provide services with regards to modifying existing sections of the intranet, making layout changes, fixing bugs or making updates, as per service levels set with the internal project team at the needs assessment phase. This could include additional features to the intranet system. The service provider should specify an hourly rate for human resource (programmers, designers, project managers etc.) which will be provided for any further additions/modifications on the website for the duration of the maintenance period.

Content Uploading: The service provider shall provide training to the ACB staff on managing the CMS and uploading all types of content to intranet. The service provider will also undertake to upload any content when requested by the ACB project team for the duration of the maintenance period, and content must be uploaded within 4 hours.

Security Audit: The firm shall provide for a 3-level security audit with intranet.

Backups & Server Maintenance: Provide backups for all intranet content, with service levels of restoring data in case of server crash or downtime, set with the consultation of the internal project team. Full backups of code and source files will be delivered in full to


ACB at the end of every quarter

The service provider shall provide at least one year’s support and maintenance services after the development and deployment of the management system.


The consultancy agreement will become effective upon signatures from both parties and will be valid for one year.

Qualified service provider should submit their technical and financial proposals to the ACB and addressed to with a copy to and not later than March 26, 2021 at 5pm Addis Ababa time.

The ACB reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals.



Selection of the successful individual/firm will be based on quality-cost considerations and proposals will be evaluated as follows:

• Technical Proposal:70%

• Financial proposal: 30%

Evaluation of technical proposal

Evaluation Criteria





• The financial proposal must be expressed in US DOLLARS (US$) and should be inclusive of all taxes, fees and expenses

• The financial proposal carries 30%


To draw up the proposal, the service provider shall consider the following aspects:

• Present a detailed budget

• Expected cost for each issue, broken down by type of expenditure, including all fees


The ACB will pay the successful service provider in accordance with the agreement to be made between the two parties.