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Under the Theme “Increasing ownership and Leadership of Global fund processes by African Constituencies’ Member Countries”, ACB has developed a Strategy for the period 2017-2022 that aims to “To attract, leverage and invest as many resources to end the three epidemics and support the attainment of the SDGs in Africa”. This mission can only be achieved if African Constituencies' Member Countries have the capacity to lead and influence Global Fund decisions and processes. The success of this initiative will be measured largely by the achievement of three long term outcomes and goals, namely;
1).Reduced existing funding gap for the three epidemics;
2) Strong ownership and leadership by African Leaders, and
3) the ending of the three epidemics (HIV, TB, and Malaria) in Africa.

Our Goals

We focus our work in three areas that contribute the highest burden to healthcare in Africa.

Our advocacy and policy actions are aimed at: - providing decision makers with reliable information to forecast health expenditures, promoting efficiencies to maximize impact of current funding, sustaining existing commitments, and securing additional funding to meet financing gaps. ACB therefore focus on collating information and commissioning research to identify those “game changers” and best practices that will improve efficiency and effectiveness of our investment in the 3 epidemics.

ACB provides readily available tools, expertise and technical support to multilateral partnerships and Africa Governments to meet these new demands on global health diplomacy expertise. Our policy and health experts ensure that leaders in health representing Africa on the respective Boards have ready access to technical support required to maintain the delicate combination of technical expertise, legal knowledge and diplomatic skills.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an effective policy engagement and practice towards reducing the burden of the three epidemics in Africa. We aim to achieve this by facilitating easy access to updated and synthesized information; timely and targeted collation of best practices and ensures that these are adopted to suit local contexts; provision of tools for quick adoption; and facilitate horizontal learning and sharing between countries.

How we Deliver



Nurturing leadership in health

Strengthening Leadership for improved health outcomes is critical with Africa facing the biggest burden of TB, HIV, and malaria. Thus it is critical that Africa leaders in health promote efficiencies and maximize impact of current funding while at the same time taking lead in sustaining investments so far made. In addition, ACB support Africa leadership to effectively advocate for advocate for increased resources to fill the existing gaps in funding - mobilizing domestics resources - Increase health financing through innovative approached like the joint investments and blended financing Further, ACB ensures that leaders in health representing Africa on the respective Boards have ready access to technical support required to maintain the delicate combination of technical expertise and diplomatic skills.

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Strategic Partnerships and Networking

Partnerships are a cornerstone of ACB’s work, and ABC works in concert with many partners to achieve its goals through technical knowledge and international best practices and experiences are identifying for adoption to Africa’s local environments. Thus, the ACB collaborates and network extensively with government and private partner agencies including CCMs, Global Fund PMUs, Research Institutes, Think Tanks, and other United Nations agencies, funds and programmes such UNAIDS, WHO, PEPFAR, BMGF, UNTAID, and GAVI. The aim ACB aims to provide opportunities through partnerships and networking to increasing the competence of the of GF recipients to increasing efficiency of recipient countries to solve their own problems Participation of stakeholders through the Regional Think Tanks will help countries to define, analyze, and then through support of others, articulate and act on their concerns.

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Forums for effective participation & engagement

The Bureau provides forums through which Africa Constituencies can effectively participate, engage and inform global health discussions and exchange information through horizontal learning exchanges.
Such forums include Cluster-Based Learning Networks (CBLNs) which bring together 10-12 countries in each region who meet and interact regularly through face to face meetings, conference calls and sharing information on the ACB Intranet.
Also, at least annually, the Bureau convenes consultative meetings that bring together all the 47 Countries from the two constituencies. The meeting provides an important opportunity for Africa Countries, through deliberations, produce actionable suggestions and follow-up actions for the respective countries as well as the representatives to the Global Fund Board.


Policy research & evidence based advocacy

Despite recent increases in global health funding, however, resources are far below what is needed to meet end the three epidemics HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. Moreover, the focus of current funding is imbalanced. One of our objectives is to promote more and better resources, effective policies, and greater visibility of global health policy in relation to the priorities for ending the three epidemics in Africa. ACB work also help track the effectiveness of Global Fund resources to end the three epidemics and the broader health gaps and share evidence of progress and successes in Africa global health. We also aim to ensure that Africa governments effectively leverage on the Global Fund resources while maintaining their resources commitments as well as unlock new resources to increase resources required

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The Africa Constituency Bureau for the Global Fund is established to facilitate effective engagement in Global Fund processes for the two constituencies representing the 46 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa and Western and Central Africa.

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