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The ACB Bureau is looking for a consultant to facilitate this meeting


1.      Background

The African Constituency Bureau (ACB) aims to help Africa attract, leverage and invest as many resources to end Epidemic’s in Africa, with AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria as top priorities.

ACB does this by generating consensus around African priorities and strengthening the capacity of African leaders in health to effectively represent the continent’s interests and needs, engage in global health governance and influence global health discussions and decisions.

ACB facilitates participation and meaningful engagement of Africa Countries in global health discussions. One of the critical work that ACB does is to provide African representatives to the Global Fund Board and Board Committees with technical support in reviewing key documents and ensuring they have all the necessary information to represent Africa’s interests at the Board Meetings.

The Global fund Office of the Inspector General (OIG) undertook an advisory in 2018 into grant implementation in the WCA region. The key finding is that this region has disproportionately underperformed in addressing HIV, TB and malaria. The advisory report was disseminated at the 41st Global Fund Board Meeting held on May 15-16 in Geneva, Switzerland. As part of efforts to ensure the findings are addressed, the WCA Constituency and the Global Fund have planned to host a second regional meeting on September 25-26[1], (the first meeting – held in July 2019 - was a brainstorming meeting with key stakeholders and sought to explore how to leverage the report implications for the Global Fund and also for the Governments in WCA countries).

 In this regard, the ACB Bureau is looking for a consultant to facilitate this meeting.


2.      Objectives, Scope of Work and Deliverables

The general objective of this call is to identify a suitably qualified meeting facilitator that has proven track record in meeting facilitation in two languages i.e. French and English. The facilitator is expected to successfully guide the deliberations of the meeting to ensure it achieves the intended outcomes.

The specific deliverables under this facilitation assignment will Include:

        I.            A well-facilitated meeting with meeting objectives met in a timely manner

      II.            Guide the deliberations of the meetings to ensure it achieves the intended outcomes

    III.            Capturing the meeting deliberation through minutes/rapporteur

    IV.            A summary meeting report highlighting key issues discussed during the meeting and capturing the meeting’s key recommendations and decisions. In particular, draft and final reports shall be submitted within a maximum of week and two weeks, respectively, after the meeting.


3.      Conduct of the work

-          The facilitator will report to the Acting Executive at the ACB.

-          All logistical support including travel, lodging, etc., where applicable, for the facilitator will be provided by the ACB.

-          Any documents viewed and produced under this assignment remain confidential and cannot be used for any other purposes without prior consent from ACB.


4.      Required Competencies

-          The facilitator should have a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field;

-          An appropriate mix of postgraduate education covering Public Health, Social Sciences, Finance and Governance or other relevant fields will be an added advantage;

-          Proven experience in health policy and advocacy preferably in Africa;

-          Familiarity with the work of the Global Fund’s work in Africa;

-          Familiarity with Africa’s health challenges including around Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH), health financing, etc.;

-          Strong background and experience with Global Heath, Health Financing and Global Health Governance would be an added advantage; and

-          Fluency in both spoken and written English and French.

5.      Requirements

Facilitators with relevant experience are invited to submit technical and financial proposals for carrying out this assignment to by September 6, 2019.

The technical proposal should include the following:

-          Profile of facilitator and an outline of recent experience with similar assignments;

-          A capability statement (for firms) or CV (for individual), including contact details of referees for previous clients;

-          A brief technical proposal detailing how the assignment will be carried out to achieve ACB’s desired outcomes; and

-          A financial proposal for the services to be rendered.

[1] The venue for the meeting will be confirmed in due course but is likely to be in Dakar, Saly or Abidjan

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