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Initiative 5 % renews its confidence in the African Constituency Bureau

The African Constituency Bureau’s project “Advocacy for the Performance Improvement of the Global Fund’s WCA Portfolio” has been validated by the Steering Committee of Initiative 5 %.


The objective of this one-year project is to ensure that Africa’s strategic priorities in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are identified and effectively addressed. Specifically, the project will help to (i) undertake a political analysis of Global Fund documents, policies, strategies, programs and governance processes, including epidemic trends to inform the preparation of an advocacy strategy and facilitate the work of Francophone WCA delegates within the Global Fund, and (ii) develop a 3-year Africa/WCA advocacy strategy aimed at influencing Global Fund governance platforms and discussions on the Global Fund’s post 2022 strategy in particular.  Funded to the tune of 500,000 €, this is the Project to support Francophone countries of the West, Central, East and Southern Africa Constituency,  jointly implemented with AIDSPAN that led to the recruitment of a francophone policy analyst to strengthen the participation of Board members both in structuring their communication and their ownership of GF governance-related issues, but also in the publication of newsletters focusing on challenges faced in Francophone Africa in general and in West and Central Africa in particular. The project also enabled the implementation of important activities such as the  West and Central Africa’s response  to the OIG’s report and a workshop for a better integration of health systems strengthening in funding requests held in Benin. A phase 2 for this activity was planned but due to the current health context, it was postponed.


The ACB is grateful for this renewed confidence and undoubtedly, the fruits will pass the promise of the flowers.