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Civil Society Organisations in Cameroon call on the Government to promptly fulfill its commitment by disbursing requisite counterpart funds

Call of the Civil Society Organisations of Cameroon at the end of the multistakeholder consultation to develop and adopt a global response plan to address human rights-related barriers on access to HIV and TB services in Cameroon.

The Global Fund for HIV,TB and Malaria has made known the consequences of Cameroon not respecting the payment of its counterpart funding . This was revealed in June 2019 during their mission to Cameroon. They had before now been calling for the respect of the counterpart funds from the government of Cameroon and by the Global Fund processes, non-respect of counterpart funds from the governments of beneficiary countries negatively impacts funding from the Global Fund. In the months ahead, if the government of Cameroon does not respect its commitment, Cameroon’s next funding window will witness a significant cut in the budget. A significant cut will affect program delivery including persons infected and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria.

HEDECS leading the Civil Society organisations in the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and with over 30 Civil Society Organisations in Cameroon present during the multi stakeholder consultation workshop in Yaounde 26-27 June 2019 to develop and adopt a global response plan to address human rights related barriers on access to HIV and TB services in Cameroon decided to make a clarion call for the respect of the payment of the counterpart funds by the government of Cameroon. This call will add pressure to efforts that had been done by other stakeholders before now and more importantly, to the newly created CCM Ad Hoc committee to lobby and advocate for the disbursement of the counterpart funds in order to avert the dire consequences of non-payment. 

After the CSOs’ Yaounde declaration of 27 June 2019, they are now galvanizing signatures that will be submitted to the different stakeholders including the Ad Hoc Committee and signing the petition is your own contribution to “Stepping Up the Fight” against HIV, TB and Malaria in Cameroon.


We, the Civil Society Organisations committed to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in Cameroon;

Recognising the progress achieved by Government which has succeeded to reduce the incidence of HIV and to increase the number of people receiving antiretroviral and TB treatment;

Considering the contribution of various technical and financial partners;

Considering the human rights-related strategy of the Global Fund 2017-2022;

Considering, the letter jointly signed by MINFI, MINEPAT and MINSANTE on October 5, 2017 underscoring Government's intent to fulfil its co-financing engagement;

Considering Global Fund's additional disclosure on the co-financing commitment of November 12, 2018 which recalls the pressing need to fulfil the commitments made in a timely manner in order to carry out activities and ensure expected national coverage including supplying long lasting insecticide treated nets (MILDA), first line TB treatment and covering 40% of ARV needs;

Considering various Global Fund letters and missions which all serve as a reminder of both allocation policies and co-financing commitments made by Cameroon;

Considering Government's delay to pay these funds which amount to 73 344 618 Euros;


Considering the immediate effect of the unavailability of such funds on both the access of populations to treatment and the amount of the next Global Fund allocation for the 2020-2022 period;

Considering the urgent need to keep over 281 083 patients under treatment, to ensure that the 149 349 people living with HIV expected in the service care continuum are continuously under ARV and to pursue prevention mechanisms without which all progress achieved shall be lost;

Remained concerned about the huge efforts yet to be deployed in terms of prevention, access to treatment, reduction of the viral load and compliance with human rights;

Appalled by and concerned with the risk of disruption in the supply chain of inputs that will certainly lead to new cases of infection, resistance and high mortality rates;

Conscious of our future as persons affected by HIV, TB and malaria;

Concerned with the adverse effects of political and social unrest on the health system prevailing in the North-West, South-West and Northern regions;

Appalled by the upsurge of infections affecting the youth of our country thus exposing new-born babies to HIV;

Convinced that investment in the health sector is a human right; and that:

In the absence of co-financing, morbidity and mortality rates shall be on the rise;

In the absence of co-financing, it will be impossible to achieve an AIDS-free generation; A citizen in good health is a productive citizen

In the perspective of putting an end to AIDS in Cameroon by the year 2030,

We call on Government to promptly fulfil its commitment by disbursing requisite counterpart funds as our lives depend upon them and draw the attention of public opinion on the need to mobilize itself and :C

Consolidate the special bond with partners in order to take the challenge imposed by epidemics which strongly affect our populations;

Make counterpart funds available in order to save our lives; and

Anticipate and fulfil both current and future financial commitments.

We, Civil Society Organisation in turn undertake to be totally supportive of the implementation of the following strategic activities:

l. Create awareness among communities on the problem of domestic health financing;

2. Act as a monitoring and alert mechanism so as to make co-financing available and mobilised in a timely manner;

3. Encourage Government and His Excellency the President of the Republic on his will to make quality health services accessible to Cameroonians through the universal health coverage initiative.

Done in Yaoundé, June 27, 2019

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