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The 2020 ACM comes against the backdrop of two significant developments. The first is COVID-19 and its unprecedented impacts that include deaths, displacement of persons, disruption of livelihoods, crippling of economies and social fabric, stretched health systems in many countries, and threats to the scaling back of significant progress made over years on the fight to end the three epidemics. Second, the Global commenced the process of developing the post 2022 strategy strategy which has in turn triggered stakeholder engagement across constituencies to inform this process.


The objectives of the 2020 ACM are:

1. Advance the discussion on the post 2022 Global Fund strategy by distilling the issues identified in the stakeholder engagements to identify our top asks to the Global Fund

2. Update the Board Members, Communication Focal Points and members of the Board Select Committees to the Constituencies on progress made in the past one year – the period preceding the meeting (2019)

3. Develop consensus among the Constituencies on critical issues concerning Global Fund implementation that require Governance attention (Global Fund Board) and mandate the Board Members to present these to the upcoming 44th  Global Fund Board Meeting which will take place 11-12th November 2020

4. Ratify the revised Governance Framework (version May 2020) by vote




The meeting is expected to have the following main outcomes:


1.      A draft African Constituency Statement focused on priority asks towards the post-2022 Global Fund Strategy

2.      Updates on key developments and progress being made by the African constituencies

3.      Consensus over critical policy issues that will directly contribute to the discussions of the 44th Global Fund Board meeting to be held November 11-12, 202

4.      A draft African Constituency Statement towards the 44th Global Fund Board meeting.

5.      The ratified Governance Framework


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