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Policy Brief : African constituencies’ Domestic Resources Mobilization (DRM) in the context of the Global Fund

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Context to Research

◆ The sub-Saharan African holds about 14% of the world population in 2019, but spends less than 2% of global health expenditure.

The region is home to 67% of the people who live with HIV, 25% of those affected by TB and 92% of new malaria cases in 2019.

◆ The 2001 Abuja Declaration calls African governments to spend up to 15% of their budget on health but most African

countries are well below the 15% target. In 2017 (last year where data is available in the World Bank database),

five (5) African countries (Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Botswana, Tunisia, South Africa) allocated more than

12% of their general government budget (excluding donor support) on health; 18 countries spent 5% or less.

◆ Since 2019, the African Union has embarked on African Leadership Meeting (ALM) – an initiative at continental level, calling

for “more money for health” and “more health for the money” or an increased efficiency for the health investments.

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