ACB is looking for a HR and Admin Consultant

Terms of References (ToRs) for Revision of The HR and Administration Manual for The African Constituencies Bureau (ACB) for the Global Fund

A. Introduction and Background

Established by a resolution of African Health ministers in 2012, the Bureau was set up as a platform to facilitate engagement and consensus building among Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and West and Central Africa (WCA) constituent countries in Global Fund policies and governance engagements. Its primary functions include ensuring effective engagement, representation and participation of Africa constituencies in Global Fund processes and to enhance the capacity of the Africa Constituencies to shape Global Fund policies and processes.

The ACB, also known as “The Bureau”, is an operational hub and policy think tank of the ESA and WCA constituencies of the Global Fund, which begun its formal operations in March 2017. As a nascent organization, it is currently in the process of developing management systems to help it function successfully. The HR and Administration Manual is one of the crucial manuals of the organization. While the organization has an HR and Administration Manual which was developed and has been in operation since 2017, several changes and developments within and outside the organization have necessitated the need to have a revised HR and Administration Manual to ensure a right fit with these developments. The revised manual is expected to be completed and launched around March 2020.

The main objective of the ACB’s HR and Administration Manual is to establish and maintain consistent practices and standards at ACB that are generally applicable to not for profit organizations. In April 2019, the OIG hired a consultant and conducted a fiduciary assessment during which a number of weaknesses were identified in terms of the existing Human Resource and Administration Manual. The consultant recommended to address these areas and revise the manual.

The ACB Board has therefore directed that the HR and Administration Manual be revised to incorporate these new internal and external changes, reflects best practice and ensure the organization is repositioned for relevance, growth and success.

B. Scope of Work

As stated above, the Bureau has an existing HR and Administration Manual which however needs strengthening and streamlining in order to ensure fitness with the current environment the organization is operating in. As such, the main task for the consultant is to deliver a revised HR and Administration Manual that identifies and fixes the weaknesses in the current and incorporates new developments in the internal and external environment.

The primary purpose of the manual is to encourage and support the development of an innovative and inclusive workforce which enables the organization to realize its goals. 

The manual should cover all aspects of the HR and Administration system of the African Constituency Bureau. It needs to touch on all areas of the system that inspires order, direction and focus for efficient and effective performance at all levels of management. 

The manual should introduce the entire work, outlining its purpose and objectives, as well as emphasize the necessity for updates and revision.

The manual needs to set out the policies and procedures framework for all aspects of the system. It needs to establish points of reference for all the areas of the system consisting of recruitment and retention, personnel policies, employment and related issues, staffing and job descriptions, staff salaries and benefits, induction, performance management, training and development, Health and safety issues, per diem, disciplinary and grievance procedures, termination and compensation, leave, volunteers and interns, etc.

The consultant is also expected to provide administration and procurement systems, not in the least including; operating policies, procedures and systems; information technology, travel policies and procedures, procurement, fixed asset management (equipment and property) and branding and marking.

The manual should touch on contemporary and relevant areas of Administration and Human Resource management that are not mentioned above, including addressing the gaps and weaknesses identified in the OIG-sponsored fiduciary assessment.

C. Process and Methodology

The consultant is expected to employ a mixture of methodologies and consultative processes that ensures key stakeholders are consulted and their inputs are incorporated. Prospective consultants will utilize a variety of consultative processes including in-person, virtual and tele-conference interviews with stakeholders. Note that the consultant may virtually consult with ACB board members, Communication Focal Points (CFPs) and ACB staff, as appropriate.

In addition to incorporating inputs from various stakeholders, the consultant is also expected to draw on best practices from corporate governance, within the non-for-profit organizations in general and the Global Fund’s manual in particular.

D. Timeframe and Deliverables

The revision of the Bureau’s HR and Administration Manual is expected to be completed by January 31, 2020.

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The technical and financial proposals including the capability statement or CVs should be addressed to: The Executive Director and sent to: with a copy to not later than November 15, 2019 with the subject “HR and Administration Manual Consultant”.